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Kumbh Mela Fridge Magnets (3 inch)- Set of 3

Kumbh Mela Fridge Magnets (3 inch)- Set of 3

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Set of 3 handcrafted fridge magnets designed by local UP artisans. It is designed for Kumbh Mela and celebrates the city of Prayagraj through the three landmarks of Sangam, Khusro Bagh, and Prayagraj Fort. They have a cute design, do not fall off, are non-fading, and are a perfect gift to remember the city by.

*Slight irregularity in design and color is the sign of a handcrafted piece.

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Maya Ji

New and enthusiastic, a history with stitching and materials. Tough times in 2020 made her switch but also influenced her decision, were the lovely ladies of Happy Cultures. Maya Ji, energetic and excited to express herself on a two-way street, she expresses herself with her words and her craft.
"Mann Mai Lalsa Jaagi, Didi Logon Ko Dekhte Hue, Mei Bhi Kuch Seekhi"

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