Happy Cultures Community - The Genesis

Brand Story

An innovative idea, envisioned during a visit to a village 16km away from Allahabad, by an  ordinary man, who believes in the power of Indian rural crafts and culture and with this belief, he created a social venture, Happy Cultures. We are a virtual platform that wishes to bring forward few of India’s oldest artforms and showcase the brilliance of Indian artisan community.

Mr. Piyush, a visionary leader, and the founder of Happy cultures, understands the significance of upliftment of a community and on the grounds of sustainability and collaboration-led growth, he conceptualized Happy Cultures.

With the vision to empower the lives of our craftsmen and re-kindle the love and interest for the legacy of their craft, we have touched the lives of more than 550+ artisans’ families and built a a sustainable community with them.

Brand Mission

To curate and create an exquisite collection of products, with these artisan community, that offers them a dignified life, and offer our audience of true aesthetes a range of contemporized versions of traditional art.

Entrepreneur's Story

A design engineer turned entrepreneur, our founder, Mr. Piyush, is the man behind Happy Cultures, who, with his proactive approach, involvement at every step- from ideation to creation to selling and never-give-up attitude, developed this social enterprise that runs on a collaborative-led and community-oriented value chain.

An academic all-rounder, Piyush belongs to a business class family and being the elder son, he was expected to step in the world of business. However, he chose the road less travelled and went on work as a design engineer in automobile industry and built his expertise in operational structure and manufacturing process. Little did he know that his choice would one day become his biggest strength and trigger the Eureka! Moment for his entrepreneurial journey.

With his previous ventures and Happy Cultures, Piyush has always aimed at optimizing the experience, be it his journey as an entrepreneur or artisans’ experience of living a better life or audiences’ connect with handicrafts.

From the inception of Happy Cultures, Mr. Piyush has dedicated himself to the foundational pillars of the venture- Learn, Earn and Grow.

Learn . Earn . Grow

Learn: Happy Cultures works toward training and up-skilling people of marginalized and under-privileged community to make them self-dependent, creating avenues for their employability and leading a life with respect and self-sufficiency.

Earn: Happy Cultures helps these now-skilled artisans to monetize their skills and earn a fair standard of living for themselves and their loved ones. We develop and facilitate streams of income for these artists by identifying the organic and aesthetic utility products and supporting them with relevant know-how of bringing it to the market.

Grow: Happy Cultures has and will always stand for collaborative growth, where learning and support knows no bounds and earning with pride, to lead a better life tomorrow, is the motivation.

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