Women and Sustainability: A Partnership for the Future

The Driving Values "SUSTAINABILITY and WOMEN EMPOWERMENT" @Happy Cultures

Happy Cultures was envisioned during a random visit to a random village on a random day, however, what has kept this social enterprise going, even in the times of pandemic, is its understanding of the significance of sustainability in today’s world. With people shifting towards a sustainable lifestyle, it’s crucial that enterprises incorporate this transition too.

Mr. Piyush Agrawal, the founder and leader of Happy Cultures, after taking a leap from conventional workaholic lifestyle and embarking on entrepreneurial journey, realised that a lot can be achieved with the existing resources, with just little touches of perfection to them. He, then, started two ventures, both built on the same belief. This was his first encounter with ‘Sustainability’.

Continuing with Sustainability as one of his core motto, he created Happy Cultures. With Happy Cultures, he has been able to curate an amazing range of products- home décor, personal and utility items, hand made by local artisans, with organic and safe-for-skin material. Along with incorporating ‘Sustainability’ in his ventures, Piyush has also focused on uplifting the lives of women from the rural artisan community which is a live example of "Women Empowerment and Sustainability".

Instead of focusing on women empowerment as a mere Corporate Social Responsibility activity, Happy Cultures has always believed in collaboration-led growth. Thus, helping in improving the lives of our artists, which are mostly women, has been our motto too. Women, from different families and background, learn necessary skills with us, that helps them earn a dignified and fair income to lead a better life.

Happy Cultures supports these women in all aspects of life, then be it their child’s education or marriage, or family’s health situation. Mr. Piyush shares an excerpt from his visit to the village for business purpose, when he met an artist who was struggling to make amends since his husband’s death. Piyush took a step forward and helped woman earn her living respectfully.

As he often quotes John Heywood’s, ‘Rome was not built in a day’, Piyush and Happy Cultures are making continuous efforts towards making it a bigger and more impactful venture and platform, that allows our artists to learn and grow and eventually lead a better life in a sustainable world.

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