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Warm Fiery Rose Pink Knitted Scarf

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  • Unique Yarn Designed and Developed for the product
  • 100% Handmade by recognized Artisans from Uttar Pradesh
  • Craft Type: Knitting
  • Material: Branded High Quality Unique Hypoallergenic Acro Wool
  • Color:  Pink
  • Dimension: 55 inches L X  7 inches W
  • This Scarf is suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Wear keeping warm in the cold.

Fun Fact: To create one piece of scarf, you need to crochet 2100-2300 loops into each other, taking almost 2-3 days.

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About Craft

Knitting is the craft of using long needles to interweave yarn to make clothes.

Package Includes

1 Scarf / Muffler

Our Artisan: Saroja Ji

Two words that define her, are Quick and Confident. Her kids are her motivation. Knitting sweaters and crocheting bags and mufflers are her strengths. She enjoys working from home and appreciates information and awareness. Saroja is one to learn from.
"Pehle Kuch Jaankaari Nahi Thi, Ab Bahut Pata Chala"