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Multicolour Kimono Sweater

Multicolour Kimono Sweater

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It takes 6-7 days to complete one piece of kimono completely.

Kimono style sweaters for your little balls of cuteness. Made completely out of hypoallergenic baby soft branded yarns, our beautiful kimonos would ensure a smile on you as well as your babies. Our artisans have handcrafted these cute sweaters with lots of love and care. Our kimonos come in a variety of colours.

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Shyama Ji

Driven by her honesty and diligence. Four years have passed and still she toils hard, making caps and mufflers, her skills exhibited but baskets of Moonj she makes are exquisite. From the sun to the shade, Farming and ploughing to stitching and cutting A lot changed and she embraced it all
Introducing to you, Shyama Ji.
"Aaj Khud Se Kamaate Hai, Aur Parvaar Ko Bhi Khilate Hai"

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