The term ‘Organically Aesthetic’ perfectly complement people’s taste in art these days- simple and natural. And what could be a better artform than Basketry, the artwork of subtlety and earthiness, to suit this taste of people today.

Happy Cultures brings to you the collection of Basketry, be it the Angami Naga Basket or Kottan by ‘Aachis, that shares a similar emotion of making our lifestyle organically aesthetic.

The home décor segment of our collection includes planters, available different materials, can add colors to your lush green gardens and the coasters, can suit your dining setting, impeccably. The basket and pen stand assortment, in various material and colors, gives you plethora of options to choose from.

Basketry is a complex craft to contemporize as it is intrinsically modest, simple, and elegant, with no need for updating, just like your style.