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"Willing Hands Are Worth Impacting"

This is the tagline that one of our valuable intern - DIYA, of her thoughts and perceivance has dedicated to Happy Cultures. At first, when Diya actually shared this tagline, I had a loads of questions about-

How will people respond to it? Will it actually create awareness about Happy Cultures or its mission/ goals? Will it stimulate the Emotional Quotient? Will it shift the focus from a ‘deed of charity’ to ‘righteousness’? etc.

The key strategy and belief was to create a campaign to make people aware of our work and processes which 100s of artisans and Happy Cultures are doing together as a community. To let our loving audience know our mission to build sustainable livelihood for the farmers by providing them an avenue to create handcrafted products, ensuring better plus regular incomes, decent working environment and a positive impact on the environment wellness at the same time. 

But during the course of the plan of the campaign, an episode occurred that actually filled myself with more joy and motivation. This was when I felt the tagline (catch my drift!). To help and support Diya for the campaign work, I had to share the video with her of the conversation with the artisans. Though I have been working with all of them from the Day 1 and meet regularly, I never realized may be or have had a 1-2-1 conversation with the artisans earlier. In the interaction, I did get to know a lot about the positive changes that did happen and went unnoticed in the village and among the community members. A lot came back to myself that day, after the prolonged efforts and challenges, research and experimentations, learning and will. 

I am sharing the portions of Diya's exceptional work here for you all and will share videos from the conversation mentioned above soon. Do follow our Instagram for more stories, videos, updates, etc.


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