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1st ever interview with Scoopearth.com

“Happy Cultures” is on a mission to introduce and expand artistically rich & affordable HANDICRAFTS produced by grass root artisans from all over India.When and how did you start?I started Happy Cultures in January 2017. I had been exploring ideas on upcycling household recyclable items. One day I came across a handmade decoration product piece at my friend’s place. It was made by people in a nearby village. It was primarily an agricultural village but people were creating these handicrafts in their spare time to generate additional income.How did you come up with the idea? Your inspiration moment.I had been exploring ways to create unique products by applying my passion for engineering and design to upcycle recyclable ‘waste’. The introduction...

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ACCELERATE: The Startup Talk

The video is from my initial years of entrepreneurship. This event happened at MONIRBA - University of Allahabad. Long time since then and have learnt a lot and am learning till date. I feel this is a never ending process and thus always keeps me glued and effortful.  I have recently bumped into this video, so have thought to share here with you all.

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"Willing Hands Are Worth Impacting"

This is the tagline that one of our valuable intern - DIYA, of her thoughts and perceivance has dedicated to Happy Cultures. At first, when Diya actually shared this tagline, I had a loads of questions about- How will people respond to it? Will it actually create awareness about Happy Cultures or its mission/ goals? Will it stimulate the Emotional Quotient? Will it shift the focus from a ‘deed of charity’ to ‘righteousness’? etc. The key strategy and belief was to create a campaign to make people aware of our work and processes which 100s of artisans and Happy Cultures are doing together as a community. To let our loving audience know our mission to build sustainable livelihood for the farmers by providing...

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